Wedding Testimonials - 2018

Wedding Testimonials – 2018

20 th JANUARY 2018






It was a most memorable occasion – very emotional and moving for so many. Colin surprised Jason by singing to him, very professionally!

The deck was decorated, and the dining area looked fantastic, with amazing attention to detail by the boys. We were all very excited to participate in a first for marriage equality! My Roadie was perfect, and we were invited as guests for the dinner.

Even though it was very hot and windy we enjoyed it. The paperwork blew over the balcony and a kind guest ran down to the wetlands to retrieve it, all safe and dry.

The boys glowed with happiness and loved every minute of their special occasion. The magnificent sunset added to the magic of the day.

20 TH JANUARY 2018

The gorgeous boys made a special delivery early this week with Wedding Cake for Keithy and me! Beautiful cake! They will be in my heart forever. Keithy, who is 13, tells me he can share this special occasion with his grandchildren when he has them, being involved in his Grammy’s first gay marriage.




18TH MARCH 2018



Paul and Di made a unique loving couple as they arrived to marry at the Houghton Village Square, on a beautiful afternoon. The setting was magical, and the colours of yellow and blue were outstanding. Aaron and Lauren attended their respective father and mother, and themselves are a stunning looking couple of young people.

Paul and Di wrote romantic poems to each other, and also shared a poem by both of them. They are a well suited relaxed and loving couple, who embrace each others children, and deserve a long and happy life together, devoted to each other.

It was a pleasure to marry them, and know a little of their personalities. Wishing a blessed, exciting future together. 


14TH APRIL 2018

Scott and Lauren’s wedding at the Hotel Richmond was an elegant and stylish affair. The bride and bridesmaids wore exquisite gowns, gentle colours, and the rest of the party looked fantastic. The arch behind me was so beautiful – all through the ceremony I could smell gum leaves from the stunning arrangement on the arch.

The bridal flowers were beautiful, and the venue, as usual, was set up to suit the mood of the wedding.

A beautiful young couple, lovely family, and their whole exciting lives are ahead of them. As usual my Roadie worked hard, and took good pictures, thanks go to him for helping his Grammy. Altogether a happy and exciting day!

Good wishes and love to them as they begin their married life together.


MAY 11TH 2018

Friday 11th May was such a special day for Evan and Jillian, as they married at the Modbury Plaza Hotel. The couple met on a blind date, facilitated by Jillian’s daughter, and it was love at first sight!

Evan is Welsh and Jillian English, and both have a wonderful sense of humour, so during the planning we had so many laughs. They interviewed 3 Celebrants, and chose me! As arranged, I phoned Evan the evening before the ceremony to remind him he had an appointment the next day, just in case he forgot!

It was such a happy occasion, with friends present to help them celebrate. Jillian’s 4 grand-daughters were present and so excited for their grandmother to marry the love of her life.



Evan and Jillian’s wedding was a lovely way to spend a Friday morning. Wishing them much happiness, and exciting times to come.

They wrote in a beautiful Thank You card to me “Dear Patricia, thank you so much for the way you conducted our wedding ceremony.

Everyone commented on how well it went!

Best Regards

Jill and Evan Davies.”


MAY 26TH 2018

We had a beautiful wedding at the Tea Tree Gully Golf Club today, for Graham and Karen. Each had their 2 children as attendants, and what a stunning group they made.

Graham was very relaxed whilst waiting for his Bride, and he met her at the pedestals and escorted her in to the ceremony. Graham’s brother was present with his wife from England, and he read a poem for the couple, as did Karen’s brother. The day was perfect, and all went smoothly, as we heard golfers calling out “Four”. No golf balls came our way luckily.



Denni and Annie had looked forward to their wedding day for such a long time. They were supported by  many friends of the Rainbow community, along with family and close friends to celebrate their very special wedding. They both looked stunning, as did their attendants, family members. It was due to be held outside, but inclement weather meant moving inside to the reception area. The area was set up thoughtfully and beautifully, and there was a great deal of applause and cheers when they were pronounced married. I felt so happy to be part of their day.