Wedding Testimonials – 2020


A very significant date for Peter and Angela to tie the knot! They enjoyed a beautiful, simple wedding ceremony at my home, in the back garden, on a perfect day, accompanied by special people in their lives.


Champagne and a fruit platter followed, prior to lunch in the hills. A very moving ceremony for Peter and Angela, with Peter’s daughter present, and Angela’s best friend from Perth.



Bec and her fiancee Eli travelled from Queensland to be married at the Cudlee Creek Tavern, a lovely semi-rural setting. Family from around South Australia and far and wide attended their lovely wedding. I’ve known Bec’s grandmother for many years, and was very happy to officiate for beautiful grand-daughter.









1st MAY 2020

John and Queenie married on 1st May at his home locally. Queenie came from the Philipines during the time of Covid, so it could only be a very small ceremony with the bride and groom and 2 witnesses. Queenie looked beautiful.