Funeral Services

Celebrating life, love and happiness with dignity 

Funeral Services

Losing a loved one is a very emotional and distressing time. No matter what the circumstances, or the age of the person, there are still many stages of grieving that we pass through, at times feeling quite vulnerable.

Often, if the funeral is not pre-planned, it is a busy time, contacting friends and relations, and deciding what type of ceremony to have, what content to include, and who will give eulogies, or read poems, prayers, etc. and dealing with the practicalities of the death.

My role as a civil celebrant is to meet with the family where possible, to put them at ease with a calming and caring approach, go through the format of the service, and write a beautiful meaningful “life celebration service”, where we acknowledge the person’s life, with respect and dignity, and their role in your lives.

I have the ability to listen to you with compassion, and to draw upon the memories and stories of your loved one, and transform them into words that express the essence of their life, in the style and tone you wish.

I am an excellent communicator and listener, and empathetic, taking into account all types of cultures, and people’s backgrounds.


My aim is to give your  loved one a memorable, caring life celebration, with a sensitive farewell, within a peaceful and loving environment.