WEDDINGS 2019 September - Stockade Botanical Park


SEPTEMBER 2019 Karen and Stephen married at the beautiful Stockade Botanical Park, on a perfect day.

The family gathered to support them, and Karen’s father, Jeffrey recited a Poem “The Art of Marriage” – very meaningful. They adjourned afterwards to a nearby location for drinks and canapé’s. A really lovely couple – wishing them a lifetime of happiness.






Uditha and Sulani enjoyed a meaningful wedding ceremony, based on their Buddhist beliefs. They made an offering of beautiful flowers to Lord Buddah, as a Buddhist wedding prayer was shared.

They are a deeply connected couple, and it is a joy to welcome Sulani to Adelaide to marry her beloved Uditha, and live forever, in wedded bliss. Much peace and joy to them.






This was a private wedding on a perfect December day in the Adelaide Hills for a very committed couple, wishing to formalize their existing relationship to Marriage. I hitched a ride in the gorgeous Limo, The ceremony was quite emotional, I think most of us shed a little tear of happiness. Wishing them a wonderful life together.







In the midst of an Adelaide Heat-wave, Brian and Peter married, at home, Rochdale, Glen Osmond, in the company of many guests from around Australia and Overseas. The beautiful property was fully decorated, both inside and the grounds, to reflect the joy of the occasion. Aurora, the String Quartet, entertained guests, and the catering was spectacular. Everything looked magnificent. Peter’s sister recited a poem, and friend Liz, played guitar and sang “Today” – John Denver.

A white swan vase, was filled with beautiful flowers, and accompanied the gift candle I had made for Brian and Peter. They wore buttonholes which included dried roses from the first bouquet Peter gave Brian 28 years ago.  It was indeed, a happy and glorious, unforgettable occasion!








Jim and Janice were overawed by our very hot December, having arrived with other family members from the heart of winter in Scotland to be married at Janice’s sister’s home in Modbury. Pauline and Claudio hosted this fantastic family wedding, decorating in a Mediterranean style with hanging umbrellas to hold off the heat! My roadie Keithy and myself have been friends of the family for over 10 years, and been involved in other family celebrations, but this day was indeed, very special. They survived the heat and returned home, married, and very happy. We had a wonderful day! Wishing them years of deep love and contentment. Their family connection is not lessened by the miles that keep them apart.